Simplify 2fa Autofill on Mac Chrome automatically detects & copies 2FA codes to paste

  • watches for incoming SMS messages.

  • When a message arrives, scans the message looking for 2FA codes.

  • When finds a code, it immediately copies it to your clipboard and notifies you of the incoming code.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does work? is designed to make your life easier by automatically detecting incoming SMS authentication codes and copying them to your clipboard. When you receive a two-factor authentication code from various services such as banks, Instagram, GitHub, GMail, etc., identifies the code and makes it readily available for you to paste into the required field, saving you time and effort.

Is secure?

Will my data be safe? Yes, is built with your security and privacy in mind. The app does not send any of your data out from your computer, ensuring that your sensitive information stays safe and secure. We take your privacy seriously and are committed to protecting your data.

Is compatible with my device?

Right now, is designed to be compatible with a MacOS computers using iMessage SMS messages.  We have plans to expand the number of platforms with market demand.

What services does support? supports a variety of services that use two-factor authentication codes, including banks, Instagram, GitHub, GMail, and many others. We are constantly working to expand the list of supported services to provide you with an even more seamless experience.

How do I get started with

Getting started with is easy! Simply download the app from our website or your device’s app store, install it on your device, and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up. Once you’ve completed the setup, will automatically detect and copy two-factor authentication codes for supported services, streamlining your login process.